This is a pile of candy in a corner.
It is encouraged that visitors take a piece.

This is also art- currently installed in MoMA.

This work by Felix Gonzales-Torres, Cuban-born American artist, gently mocks minimalist art by creating tension between form and anti-form. This work also challenges the notion of fixed identities as well as the modern conception of art as a commodity. It is art we can actually consume, art we can take away and keep. Art that can be touched. It is a generous form of art yet art imbued with a pathos of loss, a solemn mood that reflects the artist’s own tragic biography. 

This is one of my favorite modern art works as it allows the viewer to directly engage with the art work and understand that art can be accessible, literally. Art is not always conceited but can be generous. 

(I love this brave and audacious kid who marched up to the piece and claimed his candy even though people around him had no idea how the piece worked)