For the Russian Pavilion for the 2013 Venice Biennale, Vadim Zakharov reinterpreted the mythological theme of Danaë. In this contemporary version, the golden rain symbolizes greed, corruption and lust. Composed of three rooms, the first features a man on a support beam who consumes peanuts at regular intervals. In the second room, golden coins created by the artist rain down from the ceiling to the alcove below—a literal interpretation of the golden shower. The last room features a trapped rose as well as the apparatus enabling the golden rain. Through a separate entrance, only women can access the lower alcove (with a protective umbrella) and are encouraged to pick up gold coins and deposit them in bucket in order to resupply the golden rain. You can even take one (or maybe two..) and I’ve included a close up of the coins.

All in all, one of my favourite pavilions.